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If you've spent any amount of time using an IRC Chat Client (such as mIRC) then you are familiar with the annoyance of Private Messages (or PM's). You're chatting away and suddenly a new window pops open with chat from someone else ... and usually not someone you especially want to chat with. It's annoying, disruptive and generally considered rude. So how do you deal with it?

Screen PM is the answer.

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View the ReadMe for Screen PM - Included in the .ZIP file

Screen PM (or SPM for short) intercepts incoming Private Messages and blocks them, then notifies you by means of an non-obtrusive message inserted into the current window. Included in the message is the sender's name, the text of the PM and instructions on how to accept the PM if desired. You can either add the sender to your "Allow" list or open the PM window in a special mode called "Once"; allowing them to PM chat only this one time.

Screen PM also includes a full windowed interface for simple "Point and Click" use. Using the windowed interface, you can rapidly manage the three lists (Pending, Allowed, and Blocked users), turn on and off the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature and enable or disable Screen PM.

/SPM Help Display the Help text.
/SPM On Turn on Screen PM processing.
/SPM Off Turn off Screen PM Processing.
/SPM DNDOn Stop all PMs even from those on the Allowed list.
/SPM DNDOff Return to normal Screen PM processing.
/SPM Allow
Add <nickname> to the Allowed list and open a PM window if their name is on the Pending list. If <replytext> is included then send it as the text of the reply.
/SPM Once
Open a single-instance PM window to the specified nickname. After the window is closed, their name will be removed from the Allowed list so that the next PM sent will require approval again.
/SPM Block
Add the specified nickname to the Blocked list. No PMs will be accepted from this person and they will NOT be notified.
/SPM List List the nicknames in the Pending and Allowed lists.
/SPM Clear Clear all nicknames in the Pending list.
/SPM Remove
Remove the specified nickname from the Pending and Allowed lists.
/SPM Display the Windowed interface for Screen PM.

DG Seen v2.0 DG Kick Reg Gradient Screen PM


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