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One of the most popular functions provided by a well-equipped mIRC client is the conversion of common phrases into their full-text version. Keywords (or net-speak) such as LOL or LMAO is displayed in chat as complete words; LOL becomes "Laughing Out Loud", LMAO becomes "Laughing My Arse Off".

Gradient also has the ability to convert common "stop words" (aka cuss words) into more sanitized versions; words such as "sh*t" and "f**k" are common entries in the Gradient dictionary.

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Commands that Gradient understands are as follows:

/gradient Display the status of Gradient (on or off) and the current set enabled.
/gradient on Turn Gradient processing on so that it replaces macro words in text with their full-text equivalents.
/gradient off Turn Gradient off. Chat text is passed without processing.
/gradient list List the macro replacements in the current set.
/gradient listg List the macro replacements in the Global Set. You may edit these replacements by editing the [Macro] section of the gradient.ini file.
/gradient add
Add the specified macro to the current set and replace it in chat text with the replace-text specified. Note that the new entry is added only to the current set and not to the Global Set.
/gradient del
Delete the specified macro from the current set. Note that the entry is deleted only from the current set and not from the Global Set.
Ctrl+Enter Holding down the Control (or Ctrl) key when pressing the Enter key causes the current line of chat text to be sent verbatim; without processing by either mIRC or Gradient. This is especially handy when giving mIRC commands in chat for others to use.

Gradient will replace macro words in normal chat text and in mIRC commands (such as whispers or actions /me commands). This is especially handy when you have common misspellings automatically corrected by Gradient.

DG Seen v2.0 DG Kick Reg Gradient Screen PM


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