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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.


How do I ... ?

Install the programs?

The mIRC scripts (DG Kick Reg, DG Seen v2.0, Gradient and Screen PM) are installed by extracting the files in each ZIP archive into the mIRC program folder then executing a single command inside mIRC to load and initialize the script. If you are not sure which folder mIRC is installed in, execute the following command to display the name and path of the proper folder:

//echo $mircdir

Note that you must include two slashes "//" to force mIRC to execute the command immediately and display the proper information. Also note that some scripts will display a prompt indicating that certain "Initialization Commands" must be run in order to properly install the scripts. Make sure you select "Yes" to allow these commands to run.

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Where can I find ... ?

The Download Files?

Each of the download files for the mIRC scripts are found near the top of their product pages. However you can also download them from here:

dgkickreg.zip - 723 bytes
DGSeen2.zip - 138.33KB (141650 bytes)
gradient.zip - 4.04KB (4132 bytes)
screenpm.zip - 11.48KB (11755 bytes)

The product pages are found HERE.

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Why doesn't ... ?

GreyFace.com charge for the Script Files?

Well, because I don't. I originally wrote the scripts to make my chatting experience more enjoyable. If they help you enjoy your IRC chatting then it was worthwhile. However, if you absolutely MUST do something to indicate how much you enjoy using them, then by all means share whatever help you can with the next person that needs it. It's called "Pay It Forward" ... and it works like a dream.

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Who is ... ?

GreyFace aka J. Bart Henthorn?

This is me. (Back when I was handsome and whatnot. LOL)


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What is ... ?

The Quickest Way to Contact You?

Use the Service Request Form HERE or send an email to:


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When is ... ?

The Best Time to Contact You?

I tend to answer email at all hours, but because of the glut of Spam I receive, your best chance of getting thru to me is between the hours of 9am and 6pm weekdays.

Yes, the Spammers love sending me tons and TONS of Spam ... can you believe it??? Fecking idiots!!

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