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Another of GreyFace Productions mIRC scripts, DG Seen v2.0 provides a level of security and awareness while chatting using any standard IRC-compliant chat server.

If you are concerned about the people entering your chat room, or if you have a need to recognize visitors no matter what nickname they use, then DG Seen v2.0 is the tool for you.

Based on the IDENT created by the IRC Server, DG Seen v2.0 identifies visitors as they enter the room. Furthermore, DG Seen v2.0 keeps a database of IDENT entries that can recognize guests from previous visits.

Download DGSeen2.zip - 138.33KB (141,650 bytes)

At startup of mIRC, DG Seen v2.0 will display details about the database loaded as shown here:

[DGS2] Starting DGSeen2 Initialization
[DGS2] Making Hash Table dgseen2
[DGS2] Loading Hash Table from disk
[DGS2] Done!
[DGS2] No Entries to purge; Delaying one hour

Right-clicking in the Status window will display the DGS2 menu options as shown here:

The response from DG Seen v2.0 appears similar to this:

[DGS2] There are 7210 items in the table.
[DGS2] 3659 of them are Ident entries.
[DGS2] 3551 of them are Nickname entries.

The other options perform as follows:

Purge Old Entries Scan the database and remove entries older than the retention age. The age of retained entries is specified in the script and can be modified by editing the script itself.
Last Purge Date The date the last database purge was executed.
[DGS2] Last Purge Date : Fri Jun 08 08:31:04 2007
Save Entries Flush the in-memory copy of the database to disk. This operation happens automatically every 30 minutes, however you can force a save using this option.

DG Seen v2.0 can also display several details about the guests in a chat room. Right-clicking in the room text area displays the following menu:

Scanning the room (the 'Scan Room' option) displays a report similar to the following:

[DGS2] Scanning All Nicknames in #BBWsNFriends.r
[DGS2] Akky alt nicks: Akky862
[DGS2] Akky862 alt nicks: Akky
[DGS2] DG2 alt nicks: CravingBot,testme,DGafk,DG
[DGS2] DG alt nicks: CravingBot,testme,DGafk,DG2
[DGS2] ChibiChoujiV1 alt nicks: MrChibi
[DGS2] cujocujo alt nicks: joeywalnuts
[DGS2] joeywalnuts alt nicks: cujocujo
[DGS2] JM1 alt nicks: JM2,JM3,ChanServ,NickServ

This is very handy for identifying Clones (guests with more than one nickname in the room). The other options function the same as right-clicking in the Status Window.

Right-clicking on a nickname in the nickname list presents a menu as shown here:

[DGS2] Alternate nicks found for: Akky (3ee19918.2803ef39.nc.comcast.net)
06/09/2007 : Akky862

The above shows the results of selecting the "Alternate Nicks" option for the Akky nickname. The other options function as follows:

Find All Entries [DGS2] 1 : 3ee19918.2803ef39.nc.comcast.net
06/09/2007 : Akky
06/09/2007 : Akky862
[DGS2] Found 1 items containing Akky
List All Nicks [DGS2] Nicks found for 3ee19918.2803ef39.nc.comcast.net
06/09/2007 : Akky
06/09/2007 : Akky862
Online Check [DGS2] Found 2 users online at 3ee19918.2803ef39.nc.comcast.net
Last Ident [DGS2] Last Entry for Akky @ 06/09/2007

 DG Seen v2.0 DG Kick Reg Gradient Screen PM


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