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Room Ops have a lot to do when things get busy. Not only do you have to keep track of who has been kicked, but when they return you have to be aware and take pre-emptive measures ... or at least be on your toes.

DG Kick Reg keeps track of those kicked from a room and displays a warning message when they return. Included in the display is the text of the kick, the name of the kicker and the time/date.

Download dgkickreg.zip - 723 bytes

When a guest joins the room and they have been kicked from the room on a previous visit, DG Kick Reg will display a warning message similar to the following:

[22:01] * Joins: virginiaboy56 (~virginiab@a7e4540.cc59707.dhcp.embarqhsd.net)
[22:01] [DGKR-1/1] 11/15/06 01:01 virginiaboy56 was kicked by ladyelleIRC (No open cam wanking allowed in this room.)

Immediately after the DGKR title are two numbers separated by a slash. In the above example, the numbers are "1/1". These numbers indicate how many times the guest has been kicked from this room and how many times they have been kicked from any room. At the end of the warning message, enclosed in parentheses, is the text of the kick reason as entered when the guest was last kicked. This gives you a heads-up as to why the guest was kicked, when, how often and by whom.

Here is another example of a DGKR report:

[21:28] * Joins: jemaro (~jemaro@297f4433.23e86861.adsl.wanadoo.nl)
[21:28] [DGS2] jemaro alt nicks: jemaro01
[21:28] [DGKR-8/23] 11/23/06 07:06 jemaro was kicked by CravingBot (User is not allowed in this channel.)
[21:28] * CravingBot sets mode: +b *!*@297f4433.23e86861.adsl.wanadoo.nl
[21:28] * jemaro was kicked by CravingBot (User is not allowed in this channel. )

You will also notice that DGS2 (DG Seen v2.0) reported an alternate nickname for this guest, "jemaro01". Even though he has tried to fool the Ops by using another nickname, his ruse has failed because DG Seen v2.0 spotted him and CravingBot kicked him anyway. (Notice that the Ban set by CravingBot uses the Ident instead of the nickname so no matter what he tries, he will not be allowed back into the  room.)

DG Seen v2.0 DG Kick Reg Gradient Screen PM


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